The Clinton Historic District, incorporated as a town in 1865, could be described as chronicling the growth of a crossroads hamlet on a major turnpike that grew up in the 1840s and continued into the post-Victorian era. 

Clinton is distinguished by its unique location at a great source of water power with major limestone cliffs inviting to quarry operation.  It has always been attractive to entrepreneurs - originally Englishmen, later Germans and Irish - which led to the development of a substantial town, flourishing as an agricultural and mill center.


Today, the historic town, known nationwide by its landmark Red Mill and Hunterdon Art Museums is considered a cultural center and visitor attraction with its charming walkable downtown, unique blend of friendly small businesses, locally owned shops, restaurants, and services surrounding by beautiful countryside.



The Clinton Guild is a not-for-profit group that was formed in 1972 and consists of more than 70 local merchants and business owners.  Our goal is to promote our unique village and all it has to offer to residents and visitors alike. 



President: Diane Crisman-Race from: Valerie Wilson Travel

Vice President: Dana Lane from: Dana Lane Photography LLC

Corresponding Member: Tim Betz from Red Mill

Treasure: Mary Lou Carhart Amaryllis

Secretary: Marjorie Nathanson from Hunterdon Art Museum

Jayne Garretson from Jayne's Hallmark

Walter Hetzel from Hetzel's Art

Carol Beder from HeartStrings, Clinton NJ

Nicole Piazza from The Clean Plate Kitchen

Catalina Christie from Christie's Artisan Bread & Pastry Shop

Alice DiGiambattista from Just Chill Frozen Yogurt